According to a statement by the current president of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, on April 28, 2020, a phased quarantine exit plan was announced (you can download the document in Spanish at the end of the news).

Everyone started a heated discussion about what, when and how. From the very beginning, to warn everyone that the implementation and entry into a new stage will depend primarily on the development of data reduction, referred to by the Spanish Ministry of Health.

The general regime applicable to all types of activities:

(i) Any permitted activity must be carried out in conditions of security, self-defense and social distance. Using masks outside the home is highly recommended when social distance cannot be guaranteed. Similarly, it is necessary to ensure accessibility and access to water-alcohol solutions for frequent hand hygiene.

(ii) All premises and other facilities, as well as their equipment of permitted activities, must be periodically disinfected.

(iii) In general, until a new norm is achieved through Phase III, trips to provinces other than the one in which you live will not be allowed, except for good reason. Once in a new normal stage, you can travel between the provinces when both go through phase III.

(iv) All activities and their limitations indicated in the following table will be supported in the subsequent stages of de-escalation, unless other different restrictions are indicated.

(v) Travel, irrespective of the mode of transport, must be made to carry out the permitted actions.

Quarantine exit steps:

  •  ZERO:
    • until about May 10
    • Opening of premises by appointment, hairdressers, etc., restaurants with take-away service.
    • Movement within the province of residence
    • The opening of small shops, under conditions of maximum security
    • Opening of institutions, bars / restaurants, only terraces up to 50% coverage
    • Professional Sports Training / Training
    • Restoration, the interior space of the establishment, with only one-third of the capacity, always with guarantees of separation for safety and only for table maintenance
    • Education will begin in September, with some exceptional measures that will be introduced and announced gradually
    • Cinemas, theaters, similar establishments with a maximum capacity of not more than one third
    • Places of worship up to 50%.
    • public movement will become more flexible
    • In the commercial field, throughput will be limited to 50% and a minimum distance of 2 meters will be set.


➡️ Each stage will take 2 weeks MINIMUM.

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