Dear Sirs,

* Fiscal taxes of Non-Residents in Spain 🇪🇸 ⬆ When we filing declarations to fiscal non-residents in Spain, we conduct calculations to help minimize the amount of income tax for renting your property

We present to your attention a special offer.

* Development and submission of Non-Resident Tax, in Spain – 30 euros for the development of a non-Resident tax declaration (IRNR) per 1 person.

* For the development of the declaration we will need to receive from you by e-mail, photographs, the following documents

* The first 12 pages of the deed, escritura compra venta
* valid passport first page
* last IBI tax, property tax of the previous year.

If you are interested in this offer, please contact us by e-mail to discuss the details.

Also, we will help you in calculating declarations, filing taxes, reduce certain expenses when filing a declaration on income from renting an immovable property, and more.
Residents and non-residents of countries belonging to the European Union have the opportunity to reduce certain costs. The tax rate for fiscal non-residents of countries within the European Union is 19 %, for countries outside the EU – 24 %


Together we can solve any issues!



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