The State of Spain, in its Official State Bulletin of March 31, 2020, announced the next adoption of the law

Article 35. Postponement of payments of social security

Companies and self-employed workers (IP) included in any mode Social Security or authorized to act through the electronic system data in the field of social security (RED system), provided that at the time the law is enacted, they have no other deferral of validity, they can request a deferment in payment of social security debts, the statutory deadline for payment from April to June 2020 (both inclusive), in the terms and conditions established in the rules for Social Security, with an interest rate of 0.5%, instead of the earlier one, provided for in Article 23.5 Texto Refundido de la Ley General de la Seguridad Social, approved By Royal Decree, Law 8/2015 of October 30.

These requests for deferment must be submitted before the end of the first ten calendar days of the regulatory period for payment of these allowances referred to earlier legislation

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