Who can request this?

a) Companies and persons included in the autonomous social security worker regime – AUTONOMOS, who, as of February 2, 2021, have at least one contribution account with registered workers in the Valencian Community and whose economic activity is classified in any of the CNAE codes- 09, which are listed later in this section.

b) people included in the Autonomo regime, who carry out economic activities in the Valencian Community, classified in the following from the CNAE-09 codes.

CNAE-09 Assisted Recipients

5510 Hotels and Similar Accommodations (Hoteles y alojamientos similares)
5520 Accommodation for tourists and other short-term accommodation (Alojamientos turísticos y otros alojamientos de corta estancia)
5,530 campings and caravans (Campings y aparcamientos para caravanas)
5590 Other housing (Otros alojamientos)
5610 Restaurants and food stalls (Restaurantes y puestos de comidas)
5621 Catering for events (Provisión de comidas preparadas para eventos)
5629 Other public catering (Otros servicios de comidas)
5630 beverage companies (Establecimientos de bebidas)
5914 Cinema exhibition activities (Actividades de exhibición cinematográfica)
7911 Travel agency activities (Actividades de las agencias de viajes)
7912 Tour operator activities (Actividades de los operadores turísticos)
7990 Other reservation services and related activities (Otros servicios de reservas y actividades relacionadas con los mismos)
8230 Organization of conventions and fairs (Organización de convenciones y ferias de muestras)
9001 Performing Arts (Artes escénicas)
9002 Supporting activities for the performing arts (Actividades auxiliares a las artes escénicas)
9003 Artistic and literary creation (Creación artística y literaria)
9004 Showroom Management (Gestión de salas de espectáculos)
9102 Museums activities (Actividades de museos)
9103 Management of Historic Sites and Buildings (Gestión de lugares y edificios históricos)
9311 Management of sports facilities (Gestión de instalaciones deportivas)
9312 Activities of sports clubs (Actividades de los clubes deportivos)
9313 Activities of the gymnasium (Actividades de los gimnasios)
9319 Other sports (Otras actividades deportivas)
9321 Amusement Park and Theme Park (Actividades de los parques de atracciones y los parques temáticos)
9329 Otras actividades recreativas y de entretenimiento

Amount of assistance / Payment procedure

  • Autonomous or Self-employment without workers: 600 euros.
  • Self-employed with workers: € 600 (due to their self-employed status) plus € 600 for each registered full-time employee (or € 300 in case of part-time work)
  • Companies: € 600 for each registered full-time employee (or € 300 in case of part-time work)

The amount of assistance will be issued immediately after the decision on payment of assistance is made.

Application deadlines

Срок подачи заявлений начнется в 9 часов утра 4 февраля 2021 года и закончится в полночь 17 февраля 2021 года.


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