Today, the Spanish government has passed a series of laws. One of them requires wearing masks in public places.

Article 1. Purpose. The purpose of this order is to regulate the mandatory use of masks by the population. The obligation mentioned in the previous paragraph, using any type of mask, preferably a hygienic and surgical mask that covers the nose and mouth.


ALL SPAINS over the age of six must wear masks in the places specified in article 3. 2. This rule may not be used in the following cases: a) People who have difficulty breathing, who may be aggravated when using the mask. b) To people for whom the use of the mask is contraindicated for duly justified reasons of health, or who, due to their disability or dependence, represent changes in behavior that make their use impossible. c) Development of activities in which, by their very nature, the use of masks is incompatible. d) the reason for the force majeure circumstances or the need for a situation



Section 3. Spaces in which the use of a mask is mandatory. The use of the mask will be compulsory on public roads, in open spaces and in any enclosed common areas or in places open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safe distance of at least two meters.



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