The new Royal Decree-Law 5/2021 of March 12 formulates a set of measures to mobilize public investment in four areas: three additional funds to finance direct aid, restructuring of balance sheets and recapitalization of companies, as well as an extension of taxes and a moratorium on bankruptcy.


Covid direct help line (entrepreneurs and professionals) and companies

Direct assistance to self-employed and companies for debt reduction signed between March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021.

self-employed and companies headquartered in Spain, whose annual volume of operations in 2020 fell by at least 30% compared to 2019 and whose activities are included in one of the codes of the National Classification of Economic Activities

The recipients of these grants must prove an activity that is classified by one of the codes of the National Classification of Economic Activities -CNAE 09

  • Hotels and similar places of residence.
  • Restaurants and grocery stores.
  • Transport activities, including the taxi sector.
  • Tour operator activities.
  • Physical support.
  • Cultural events (museums, performing arts, performance rooms, etc.).

Requirements and obligations

– no debt in tax (AEAT) and social insurance (TGSS);

Apart from others


The recipients of these measures undertake the following obligations:

a) They must support assistance-related activities until June 30, 2022.

Apart from others


The deferral for the payment of tax arrears without interest has been extended to four months, and the deadlines for repayment of government loans administered by the General Secretariat for Industry and SMEs have been extended.


Royal Decree – Law 5/2021 of March 12 on emergency measures to support business solvency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.



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