New legislation adopted on April 11th, 2020, Order TMA / 336/2020 of April 9th, incorporating, replacing and amending both previous programs of assistance to the state housing plan (Orden TMA / 336/2020, de 9 de abril, por la que se incorpora, sustituye y modifican sendos programas de ayuda del Plan Estatal de Vivienda)

Article 1. New rental assistance program.

Urgently included in Royal Decree 106/2018 of March 9, new

“A program of assistance to minimize the economic and social impact of # COVID_19, to pay the rental quota of permanent residence.

Article 2. Assistance program that helps minimize the economic and social impact of # COVID_19 on rent for permanent residence.

1. The purpose of the program.
The purpose of this program is to provide assistance for paying off rent, direct accrual, to tenants of a permanent place of residence, who, as a consequence of the economic and social impact of #COVID _19, have temporary problems for partial or full payment of rent.

This assistance should only be used to pay rent, or to partially or fully repay temporary funding subsidies specified in Section 9 of Royal Decree-Law 11/2020.

2. Recipients.

Tenants of permanent residence, proving that they are in a situation of economic and / or social vulnerability caused by # COVID_19.

Beneficiaries must also prove:
a) that the tenant or any of those who live with him is not connected in the first or in the second degree blood relationship or proximity with the landlord.
b) that the tenant or any of those who live with him is not a partner or co-founder of a legal entity acting as a lessor.

3. Request for help.
Assistance must be requested by the tenant, to the state authorities of the Region at the place of residence, or to the appropriate city of Ceuta or Melilla, until September 30, 2020.
Autonomous regions and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla will specify the deadline and application form.

4. Size and duration of assistance.
The amount of assistance can be no more than 900 euros per month and 100% of the rental quota. It can be provided for up to 6 months, with the possibility of including as a first payment one that corresponds to April 2020.
If you receive temporary financial assistance in Article 9 of the Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, the assistance may amount to a maximum of 5400 euros, in which the rent will be fully or partially paid.

5. Management.
Belongs to the autonomous regions and cities of Ceuta and Melilla, the processing and coordination of the procedure for the provision and payment of assistance to this program, as well as the management of payments specified by state administrations, if approved, within the framework and conditions established in real Decree-Law 11/2020 (Real Decreto-ley 11/2020), in this Ministerial Order and in the State Plan Housing 2018-2021 (Plan Estatal de Vivienda 2018-2021)

6. Payment of aid.
After authorization by each autonomous region or the cities of Ceuta and Melilla, the provision of assistance and verification of the relevant requirements and conditions, there will be relevant competent authorities that will proceed with payments.

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