Starting Monday, June 1, 2020, the entire Valencian region enters phase 2, quitting quarantine.

Thus, after the entry into phase 2 of the de-escalation of Valencia, Alicante and Castellon, the actions that will be available to citizens will become much more diverse. Next, we will tell you everything you can do when the Valencian community is in stage 2:

  • The end of time intervals, with the exception of those established for people over 70 and vulnerable persons (from 10.00 to 12.00 and from 19.00 to 20.00), which must be observed and in which only they should be on the street
  • Opening of bars and restaurants at 40% capacity, for serving tables (not only on the terrace) with a safe distance
  • Removes restrictions walking distance of 1 kilometer, allowed sports activities outside the municipality of residence
  • An unlimited number of walks is allowed per day, both for children and for everyone else outside the risk zone
  • Opening of shopping centers
  • The beaches are fully open, always maintaining a safe distance between groups of people and swimming pools for relaxation, although at 30% of their capacity
  • Classes begin at schools other than universities. Each autonomous community will decide when schools, institutes and kindergartens open.
  • Active tourism and walks in nature are allowed, in groups of up to 20 people
  • All stores and offices are open services provided, regardless of their surface
  • Indoor sports centers and pools open 30% of their capacity
  • Visits to nursing homes, centers for the disabled and shelters are permitted in accordance with the conditions established by each autonomous community
  • Cinemas, theaters, etc., including additional services such as cafes, although only a third of their capabilities
  • Meetings are allowed for up to 15 people who can walk together regardless of whether they live together or not, and without limitation in the amount of one adult for every three minors
  • The opening of academies and driving schools to a third of their capacity
  • Weddings for up to 50 people can be held indoors and up to 100 outdoors
  • Worship centers, places of worship, open up to half of the capacity of the swony
  • It is allowed to play sports in groups of up to 15 people in the open air, in which there is no contact, for example, cycling or running
  • Libraries open for reading and using computers with a maximum load of up to 30%
  • Opening of exhibition halls (without grand opening) and visiting by tourists on a pre-designated route
  • At the wake, up to 15 people indoors and up to 25 outdoors
  • Business meetings and conferences with up to 50 people
  • Opening competition of professional leagues, behind closed doors and with the broadcast. Trainings will be up to a maximum of 14 people, while in non-professional leagues the trainings will be individual






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