What changes will take effect from Monday 15 June, when the Valencian region will enter a 3-phase output from the quarantine, in connection with the disaster.

  1. Outdoor Activities Sports Group will be allowed up to 30 people.
  2. Opening of schools: for “students” from 0 to 3 years old, the doors will open again on June 19, while in primary, secondary and high schools, the obligation to offer full-time lessons to families is allowed. It is also allowed to gather in small groups to prepare for university entrance exams.
  3. Hotel business and tourism:
    • in bars, cafes and restaurants it is allowed to use up to 75% of the capacity. It is allowed to use on bar counters with a safe distance of one and a half meters. Terraces can fill 100% of the permitted tables, with a distance between them of two meters.
    • In hotels and other tourist accommodation, common areas are open up to 75%, including swimming pools, and the total capacity is increased to 75%.
  4. Shops and commercial centers: Employment in stores increases from Monday to 75% of capacity, including in shopping centers where discounts are also allowed. Similarly, street markets can establish 75% of their stalls.
  5. Weddings and funerals:
    • Weddings can be held occupying 75 percent of the space, while funerals will be held with a maximum of 25 people and funeral ceremonies with 50 people.
    • Religious ceremonies increase capacity to 75% of the place of worship.
  6. Nightclubs and discos: Nightclubs and bars are also allowed to open to the public, but with more restrictions than in restaurants. As the ministry noted, they can open a third of their possibilities without dancing. On the other hand, the opening of gambling and playgrounds is limited – at the proposal of the Ministry of Health – up to 50%.
  7. Cultural events: visits to museums, exhibition halls and monuments expand to 75 percent of their capacity, with groups of a maximum of 20 people. The activities of cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, circuses and similar facilities are allowed to occupy 75%.
  8. Pools and sports: Swimming pools can open with a capacity of up to 75%. Under the same circumstances, pools located in buildings or urbanizations, as well as pools of hotels and tourist accommodation, may also open.



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