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Our Process

  • IRNR- Non resident tax / 1 declaration

    – Dear Sirs, we present to your attention

    Non-resident tax must be paid by every owner who owns any property in Spain. The filing of this tax return must be made every year.

    Non-resident tax, in Spain – 30 euros for the development of a declaration for 1 person.

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  • Request for refund of 3%

    – when you are selling your property, the buyer retains from the seller an amount equivalent to 3%, about the transaction price. This amount, the purchasing party pay to the State Treasury, Tax Agency

    – If the selling party has all its taxes paid throughout the possession of the property, and the sale occurs without Obtaining the benefit – you have the right to request a refund of said amount withheld

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Our prices

  • Request for refund of 3%

    150 €

  • Padron – Empadronamiento: Obtaining a residence permit

    40 €*

  • Model 720, about assets outside of Spain

    120 €*

  • European Certificate – registration of a Euro citizen in Spain for residence/work


  • NIE number


  • IRNR- Non resident tax/ 1 declaration

    40 €

  • Rental & Non Resident taxes


  • Tax declaration for individuals – IRPF

    50 €*

  • Request an appointment – CITA PREVIA

    40 €

  • The process of obtaining an Digital Certificate, Electronic digital signature (EDS)

    40 €

  • Legal support and registration of real estate transactions

    800 €

  • Opening an Individual Entrepreneur -Autónomo

    70 €

  • Registration of brands and Patents

    280 €*

  • Fiscal Representation

    150 €*