An electronic digital signature (EDS) – is information in electronic digital format, with which you can identify an individual or legal entity without his personal presence.

FNMT-RCM, as a certification service provider, offers you various types of electronic certificates with which you can identify yourself and perform procedures safely over the Internet.

  • Physical person
    An FNMT certificate of an individual, issued free of charge to any citizen who owns a DNI or NIE, is an electronic certificate issued by FNMT-RCM, which connects the subscriber with the signature verification data and confirms their personal identity.With him, everyone will be able to independently file a tax return, pay property tax – IBI, get a municipal registration, pay fines, tax fees and duties, extend his residence permit and much, much more.


  • Certificate of Representative
  1. The representative of the Sole or Joint Administrator (Representante de Administrador Unico y Solidario)
    Certificate of Representation for Administrators is an electronic certificate issued by FNMT-RCM that connects the signer with the signature verification data and confirms their identity. The signatory acts on behalf of the legal entity as the legal representative of the company, as the sole or joint administrator, registered in the Commercial Register.
  2. Representative of a legal entity
    Legal Entity Representative Certificate is an electronic certification issued by FNMT-RCM that connects a signer with signature verification information and confirms their identity. This certificate replaces the one that is traditionally used by state administrations in the tax sphere, and which was subsequently expanded for other purposes. Therefore, this certificate is issued to legal entities for use in their relations with those state administrations, legal entities and state bodies that are related or dependent on them.

In general, EDS can easily be done free of charge through the website, but subject to a personal appearance at any authorized state body.

Preparation of documents in FNMT can be entrusted to a specialist for 30 €.


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