Changes to the general traffic rules adopted by the state on 11.11.2020 for the safety of pedestrians and drivers, which should be followed:

– Speed limits on city roads and crossings.
1. The general speed limit on urban roads will be as follows:
a) 20 km / h on roads with one carriageway and sidewalk.
b) 30 km / h on single-lane roads in each direction of travel.
c) 50 km / h on roads with two or more lanes in each direction of travel.

  • Violation of the speed limit within the city limits the penalty in the amount of 100 to 600 euros.
  • Exceeding the speed limit up to 20 km / h – 100 euros;
  • Violation from 21 to 30 km / h – 300 euros.
  • An increase in speed by 10 km / h will cost 100 euros.

Mobile phone: Using the device while driving will result in a loss of six points – instead of three previously.


– Radar detection device: It is now a serious crime to carry radar detection devices or kinemometers in a vehicle. Until now, many drivers turned off these devices when they saw the police and were not punished. Now, for the mere fact of transporting it in a car – whether it is used (or not) – they will be fined 500 euros and a loss of three points.


– Overtaking: Cars or motorcycles will no longer be able to exceed the speed limit by 20 km / h when overtaking other vehicles on normal roads. This measure was taken in accordance with what was adopted in the European Union, where most countries have prohibited this maneuver, as they believe that there is a high risk of a head-on collision.


– Personal vehicles (VMP – Los Vehículos de Movilidad Personal) with one or more wheels, equipped with a single seat and powered by electric motors, can only move at a maximum speed of 6 to 25 km / h. In turn, they will also have to comply with other traffic rules – like other vehicles – and they will be banned from entering intercity roads, crossings, highways and motorways – even if they move within the municipality.

All of these vehicles must have an appropriate traffic certificate confirming their compliance with technical requirements.


Ignorance of fines does not exempt from liability!

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